Fair Seas highlights deep flaws in Europe’s REPowerEU proposals.

Facing high and volatile energy prices after Russia’s unprecedented military attack on Ukraine, energy security concerns prompted the European Commission into action to tackle the increasing cost and fragile supply of energy in the European Union. In March, the European Commission published its REPowerEU plans; supposedly a joint European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy.

However, Fair Seas believes aspects of the REPowerEU proposals are deeply flawed. Progressing with the current REPowerEU plans goes against the European Green Deal, as well as the European Biodiversity Strategy. Critically, it would allow a roll-back of environmental regulation, sidestep proper public engagement and consultation, and put Ireland and  Europe’s most vulnerable and threatened wildlife and habitats in even greater danger, by not only allowing, but accelerating the development of marine renewables in protected areas.

Fair Seas supports the sustainable development of marine renewable energy projects which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby helping tackle climate change. However, the climate and biodiversity crises are inextricably linked – one can’t and shouldn’t be resolved at the expense of the other. 

Fair Seas has responded to the European Commission’s REPowerEU plans consultation, and implored it to revise the deeply flawed proposals, and not to undermine the integrity of Europe’s protected areas, or the wildlife and habitats upon which society so heavily relies. As nature protection and restoration are also critical tools in mitigating and adapting to climate change, now more than ever we need to fully implement rather than disregard environmental safeguards and assessments to protect and conserve our natural environment.

Fair Seas’ full consultation response can be found here: Fair Seas response to REPowerEU consultation July 2022 

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