Building a Movement

of Ocean Stewardship


Image © George Karbus

At Fair Seas we seek to protect, conserve and restore Ireland’s unique marine environment. Our ambition is to see Ireland become a world leader in marine protection, giving our species, habitats and coastal communities the opportunity to thrive.

Fair Seas is calling for at least 10% of Irish waters to be designated as ‘Fully Protected’ by 2025 and at least 30% within Marine Protected Areas by 2030.

We are a group of Ireland’s leading environmental non-governmental organisations (eNGOs). Fair Seas will provide outreach, education, advocacy, data analysis and reporting to support local engagement and decision-making throughout Ireland’s MPA process.

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Our Partners
Irish Wildlife Trust
Birdwatch Ireland
Sustainable Water Network
Friends of The Irish Environment
Irish Whale & Dolphin Group
Coomhola Salmon Trust
Irish Environmental Network
Our Funders
Oceans 5
Blue Nature Alliance
The Wyss Foundation
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