Our Internal Grievance Policy

At Fair Seas, we want to ensure our team always feels safe and supported. Our grievance policy and procedure will provide a mechanism to solve problems and no employee shall suffer any form of victimisation as a result of raising a grievance under this procedure.

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Our External Grievance Policy

Accountability and Grievance Mechanism

Fair Seas is collaborating with the Blue Nature Alliance on the Fair Seas Campaign. The grievance mechanism described here is a platform for transparency and is a commitment to respecting the thoughts and wishes of all our stakeholders.

What is a grievance?

A grievance is a complaint about something that is affecting you negatively. In this case, it is a complaint about a negative impact of the Blue Nature Alliance project, Fair Seas.

Who can report a grievance?

Anyone affected by the work of the Blue Nature Alliance.

Why should someone report a grievance?

If something about the Blue Nature Alliance Fair Seas project is bothering you, then report it. The Blue Nature Alliance aims to support projects that have a positive impact.

What is a grievance mechanism?

An Accountability and Grievance Mechanism is a way of collecting, recording, and resolving grievances. This mechanism is managed by Aoife O Mahony, Fair Seas Campaign Manager

What will happen when I report a grievance?

The grievance will be addressed through an open and transparent process so that together, you and the Blue Nature Alliance and Fair Seas may find a suitable solution to the problem. You will be treated with confidentiality and protected from retaliation.



Address: Fair Seas C/O Irish Environmental Network. MACRO Centre, 1 Green Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.

Telephone: 01 8780116


To report a grievance, you may speak with a staff member of Fair Seas Aoife O Mahony.

You may also email your grievance to Blue Nature Alliance.