“But now’s the time to turn words and pledges and promises into meaningful action.”

Powerful words of encouragement for Ireland to achieve #30×30 Marine Protected Areas and turn commitments into action by former US vice president Al Gore.

The former US vice president virtually addressed delegates at the Fair Seas World Ocean Day Conference in Cork, Ireland on June 8th 2023.

“The seas surrounding Ireland have sustained the #Irish people for thousands of years but if they are to continue to, then they need to be protected & sustainably managed.”

His sentiments mirrored that of the days discussions on how the Irish government are going to meaningfully hit their target of protecting 30% of Irish waters by 2030 and how these areas will be developed, managed and monitored to allow biodiversity to recover while supporting local communities.

Fair Seas’ aim is to see Ireland, with a renewed appreciation of the ocean, become a world leader in marine protection, giving our species, habitats and coastal communities the opportunity to thrive.

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