Joint statement issued by Fair Seas and Wind Energy Ireland as Oireachtas summer break means the wait for the Marine Protected Areas Bill goes on.

Fair Seas, Ireland’s leading marine environmental coalition, and Wind Energy Ireland, the representative body for the Irish wind industry, today issued a joint statement criticising Government delays in bringing forward the Marine Protected Areas Bill, and calling for immediate action to ensure the Bill is enacted before the General Election.

As the Dáil today goes into recess for the summer, the two bodies highlighted the Government’s failure to deliver this crucial – and long-promised – legislation. Failure to enact the Bill will have serious consequences for both the State’s ability to meet its offshore renewable targets and its ability to meet its international obligations to protect 30% of Ireland’s seas by 2030.

Ireland has a target to develop 5,000 mega-watts (MW) of offshore wind energy by the end of 2030. Building these offshore wind farms is essential to provide clean, affordable and secure energy. If we are serious about meeting our climate targets, the MPA Bill must be moved to the top of the political agenda to ensure that biodiversity is properly protected and to inform key future planning decisions for offshore renewable energy.

Despite having been promised since early 2023, the Government has so far failed to deliver what would be the most significant piece of marine conservation legislation for generations.

Fair Seas Coordinator, Dr Donal Griffin said:

“We may represent different interests but Fair Seas and Wind Energy Ireland are united in a desire to see the MPA Bill enacted as soon as possible. It must be at the top of the government’s agenda for the next Dáil term. This government is entering its final months and it cannot allow this Bill to fall at the point of the next election – whenever that will be. This legislation is too important to delay any longer. Time is running out to protect our marine wildlife and ecosystems”

Justin Moran, Director of External Affairs at Wind Energy Ireland said:

“Our members are committed to the sustainable development of offshore wind energy in a way that protects, and even enhances, our marine biodiversity. The Marine Protected Areas Bill is central to Ireland’s sustainable energy future and we want a commitment from the Government that this will be a priority when the Dáil meets again in September.”

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