Two designs created for Fair Seas have been named among the 100 most notable graphic design projects of 2022. The group’s visual brand identity and a scientific report are now included in the 100 Archive, a living record of Irish communication design. 

The winning projects are selected by a panel of industry experts from submissions by professional designers in Ireland and Irish designers overseas.


Fair Seas, a coalition of leading environmental non-governmental organisations and networks, has worked with Wexford-based design agency Lands since early 2022 when it launched its campaign for strong and ambitious Marine Protected Areas (MPA) legislation to protect, conserve and restore Ireland’s marine environment. 

Fair Seas wants to see a network of Marine Protected Areas created in Irish waters, these are places legally protected from human activities that damage the habitats, wildlife and natural processes that occur there.

Aoife O’Mahony, Campaign Manager with Fair Seas said, “It is an honour for Fair Seas to be included in the archive of Irish design. We set Brian Byrne from Lands the challenge of capturing the energy of our campaign to build a movement of ocean stewardship across Ireland. He was able to express our scientific approach, expertise and collective spirit throughout, with a nod to Ireland’s marine heritage. Our first major publication was ‘Revitalising Our Seas, identifying areas of interest for Marine Protected Area designation’ and it’s fantastic to see it featured in the archive too. Brian succeeded in turning a document with numerous maps, charts and graphs in each section into an accessible report while maintaining its scientific integrity. This was the first of its kind report highlighting where Marine Protected Areas could be located to conserve and restore our ocean.”


Brian Bryne, owner of Lands Design Studio added, “Making the 100 Archive selection is an important acknowledgement for anyone working in the Irish design industry—so to have two projects chosen was incredible. For Lands to be part of this select group, with some of Ireland’s biggest and best studios, means a lot. Sustainability and environmental protection is really important to me and my work so to have two projects selected for Fair Seas, an organisation I’ve worked with since they launched, is very special. Design is a collaborative effort and without good clients, it’s impossible to do good work—thank you to the Fair Seas team for their openness and creative generosity.”

Fair Seas launched a survey to find out how well people in Ireland know the waters around us and how they use them. Initial results highlight that 90% of Irish people support the creation of MPAs in Ireland. The Ocean Literacy Survey results will be available from September 2023.

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